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Benefits of Using an Integrated Marketing Agency

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What is an Integrated Marketing Agency and how can one help your business needs?

Integrated Marketing is a total approach to marketing, including all disciplines. Including those such as advertising, graphic design, websites, creative strategy, video, photography, market research, competitor analysis and direct marketing.

An integrated marketing agency has a distinct skill set, blending together and producing quality results.

For example, an e-mail marketing campaign requires the following:

  • Designer to lay out the template
  • Programmer to tweak the code
  • Videographer to create the interview
  • Copywriter to create the copy
  • Analyst to report on the data
  • Account manager to make sure it all comes together on time, on budget and meets the target audience’s needs.

For projects like this, integrated marketing campaigns your solution.

After all, they don’t just provide clarity and consistency.

In fact, Integrated Marketing Agencies also save time and money. As you work with one single supplier offering integrated communications services, the process is streamlined and ultimately you get a better result, faster.

Digital technology can seem baffling when working to produce results, and the power of the internet is overwhelming. However, there’s no avoiding the fundamental shift in how we now communicate.

As the shift has moved from traditional marketing to digital marketing, companies who take the plunge and use integrated agencies will be the ones who benefit. Moreover, there is a range of marketing services on offer, all under one roof.

From low accountability in marketing spend to high accountability and full control of brand identity.

Not only is an entire team of talented people made available to you and your brand, each is a specialist in their own field. In effect, using an integrated marketing agency means they’ll work in close contact with you.

At TMC, all of our services are available under one roof.

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