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Streamlining a complex product-centred website with
a focus on user navigation and SEO.

The Results

Streamlined UX

Costs reduced

Security improved

Services Provided

“In TMC we have now found the perfect web agency to accelerate our growth. They constantly provide us with a healthy balance of challenge and support; I feel that our success really matters to them.”

Helen Tonks, Co-Founder & Operations Director

The Brief

  • Convert a site that was bridged across two different CMSs (Wordpress & Magento) into one single site, enabling staff to manage content more effectively and removing the need for expensive, time-consuming CMS updates which frequently broke core functions across both sites
  • Manage the transition without negatively affecting their digital footprint and search engine ranking
  • Convert 4000 non-variable products into approximately 800 variable products to improve SEO and navigation for customers
  • Streamline the UI as customers were frequently not finding products
  • Develop a short, medium and long-term iterative development plan to address historic issues and continuously improve the experience for customers

The Solution

We removed the convoluted custom-built system which bridged the two CMSs. By combining both websites into a single WordPress installation, the site was far easier for staff to manage.

The replacement of Magento with a faceted search-driven WooCommerce installation and pared-down design significantly improved user experience and conversion rates, enabling users to effortlessly navigate to relevant products.

The streamlining of content and grouping of near-duplicate products into product variations reduced the site’s page count from nearly 7,000 to a little over 2,000, cleansing a lot of outdated content and improving SEO by reducing duplicated content.

Our iterative development plan now builds on the good work we have undertaken as a partnership and is currently focused on delivering a personalised approach for customers from different countries around the world.

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Founded in 2004, Hydraulics Online has worked with multiple high-profile names, including Concorde ‘droop nose’ projects on the Concorde G-AXDN at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. Having grown to become a multi-award-winning hydraulics consultancy and products provider they now operate across 80 brands to customers in 130 countries and 20 sectors. In 2019 the Department for International Trade handpicked Hydraulics Online to be accredited with its ‘Export Champion‘ status.

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