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Create positive impact.

Reimagine the way your audience connects, inspires and educates by embracing Immersive Virtual Environments with TMC.

During times of limited face to face interactions, we still have the opportunity to connect. To do this effectively, we need to implement innovative solutions.

Our in-house team provide an integrated solution that enhances the experience for your audience. Allowing for connection and engagement in any location, our virtual environments bring immersive new dimensions to your organisation.

TMC Strategic Communications

Why develop virtual environments?

With infinite applications of virtual technology, a multitude of industries and sectors can benefit from the creation of a 3D environment. In contrast to traditional static graphics, virtual environments can help to;

  • Reach a global audience
  • Showcase brand innovation
  • Create high impact
  • Build a sense of community
  • Drive social equality
  • Develop sustainable connections
  • Maximise existing assets, reuse and recycle content
  • Improve inclusivity and access
  • Transcend borders

From schools to laboratories, to showrooms and campuses; our integrated team create virtual worlds specifically for your needs. Our process begins by listening to your requirements. Evaluating your audience, key messaging and objectives, we build the journey around the user. Placing interactions in key hotspots, we integrate elements that drive engagement and ensures that all content is accessible.

Your project can be stand-alone for a single event or congress or created as an asset to continuously build upon. Each environment is created with endless opportunities to expand beyond the surface. Engineered to attract, engage and retain the user.

TMC Strategic Communications

“This media allows for greater connection and engagement in any location – whether it’s an existing space or something completely made up. Our virtual environments help to bring immersive new dimensions to your organisation.”

Julian Luxford – 3D Visualiser, TMC

Immerse your audience through any device.

With the ability to be navigated from desktop, mobile or tablet, your audience can be fully immersed on any device. Whether you are looking to create a photorealistic render of a world beyond imagination, or need to help your audience familiarise themselves with your existing facility, we can help you.

A feature-rich experience.

Each environment can be enhanced through a series of interactive features. With 360º images and video embedded, your users continue to feel as though they are in the room. Floor maps and quick links allow for effortless navigation, with signposts and hotspots at key positions to enhance the user-journey.

A benefit-led solution.

For your virtual world, you control the depth of information, alongside owning all copyright. With the ability to enhance and add-on features when required, environments encourage exploration and provide you with data and insight into user experience and opinion.

A focus on results.

Supporting and growing your brand assets leading to greater engagement, the exploration of your virtual space actively increases retention and dwell rates. Helping you to build relationships with new audiences, whilst nurturing existing ones, you can proactively gather user data to continuously optimise and engage the experience.

Take the next steps.

To take advantage of the wealth of benefits that virtual environments can provide to your business, get in touch with TMC by completing the below form.

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