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Focussing on your Authentic Self in Digital Marketing

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How often have you felt overwhelmed by the volume of technology that proposes to transform the effectiveness of digital marketing?

Experts impart their words of wisdom to show you the way to success just seem to make you feel even more inadequate. This doesn’t reflect your own ability, but the nature of the noise within digital channels where each person is positioned as an expert in their field.

Doubt and self-consciousness can creep in and undermine your efforts. You lose focus trying to keep up with everyone else. Imposter syndrome consumes you with doubt. You end up not achieving anything. Your initial vision starts to fade.

You begin to question: How why did I get to this point?

To find the answers for this common question we developed a technique which was showcased at the Digital Leaders Masterclass series roundtable events and workshops (https://www.marketing-masterclass-series.com/). This interactive session was highly applauded, bringing focus and clarity in setting on-going priorities.

We have also explored the concept further by taking ‘The Original Face’ as a concept and discussing how your life experiences and influences can stop your ability to express who we are authentically. Read the full article on The Drum.

Refocussing our marketing priorities can often seem like an overwhelming task.

That is, until, we evaluate the Five C’s of Personalised Marketing Experiences. During our Manchester Roundtable event, we explored this concept with a number of delegates.

By using an interactive board during our seminar and workshops sessions, we looked at refocussing opportunities. This helped to set priorities in the personalised content marketing world.

After analysing our findings, there was a common trend. This not only allowed participants to think of their marketing activities with a fresh perspective; but also gave them a new set of priorities to enhance future activities.

“Focus on the customer rather than letting channels or techniques lead a communication strategy.”


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