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Benefits of Using an Integrated Marketing Agency

Digital technology and the vast spectrum of internet applications can seem overwhelming when working to produce results. However, there’s no avoiding the fundamental shift in how we communicate. More and more we are shifting from traditional forms of communications and the companies who take the plunge and engage integrated agencies will be the ones who benefit overall.

Reimagining Multi-Media Marketing with 3D Animation

Products and complex processes can often be difficult to articulate verbally or visualise with traditional photography or videography, or perhaps occur at such minute scales they are not visible to the human eye. It is in these scenarios that 3D animation can be incredibly beneficial in helping communicate your messaging effectively.

Which Social Media Channel is Best for my Business?

When it comes to developing a social media strategy, it can often feel a little overwhelming – especially for those who are not personally active on the platforms. Explore what social media channels are available and which is the best for your business needs.

Meet the 3D Visualisation Team

Over the past year, our 3D Visualisation Team has grown significantly and have been leading an incredible variety of virtual projects on behalf of our clients. We sat down with Ash Mellor, Laura Durham and Julian Luxford to find out more about how they discovered their passion for the virtual world, and their favourite elements of life at TMC.

A New Chapter; Onboarding during the Pandemic

Over the course of the last year we have embraced a wealth of change at TMC; our team has doubled in size and our working practices have been revolutionised. As I approach my one-year anniversary, I am keen to reflect on my journey with the help of Katie, a fellow Digital Marketing Executive who joined a few weeks before me. Navigating through the past 12 months, from starting remotely during a national lockdown to hybrid working, I want to share my TMC journey and how as a team we have embraced every opportunity along the way.

Exploring the factors that influence international expansion

Pursuing activities in a new country is a huge decision for any business; whether it be a MNE such as Pfizer or a specialised SME; there is always some degree of risk. Making the move to either go international for the first time or increase internationalisation, can potentially make, or break, a company.

From Graduation to Collaboration

Whilst the prospect of pinning the rest of your life on the next steps you take seems incredibly daunting, there is light at the end of the tunnel for those with a creative flair, a scrupulous eye, and an insatiable appetite to create positive change.

Bridging the gap; Women in Science within the Creative Industry

Whilst huge progress has been made towards increasing equality for women in higher education, they are still often underrepresented within scientific disciplines. Alongside this, many STEM subjects carry with them certain 'career stereotypes', which can feel restrictive for those who are still unsure of their own passions or where they want to make a difference.

ESG, CSR, SI – alphabet soup anyone?

In a world where there is a growing requirement for businesses to be good corporate citizens, prioritising making a positive social impact, acting ethically, and ensuring long-term environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important. We are therefore finding increasingly innovative ways to help our clients highlight their credentials and find the best solutions for their businesses.

An Insight into Colour Theory

Colour truly is a magical thing! Imagine a beautiful sunset in grey or wrapping the lengths of twinkling grey lights around your magnificent grey Christmas tree? It just wouldn’t be the same. We rarely question the ‘why’s of mother nature, just accepting that the world is what the world is, and who are we to doubt it? But if we do decide to dig a little deeper, what we uncover is fascinating.

Defining Your Company Values by Your Behaviour

We often think the way we behave lasts for just that moment. It doesn’t. Behaviours have a lasting impact beyond the moment. They can make and break business reputation and brands.

TMC: Courage, Honesty & Care

We are often shown and told what the values of an organisation are, but not necessarily the background to them or why they are important to that business.

TMC Appoints Ian Traynor as Non-Executive Director

We’re delighted to have Non-Executive Director Ian Traynor join TMC. This opportunity comes at an exciting stage of our business growth.

Brand Purpose and how does Corporate Social Responsibility fit into this?

Most of us are familiar with the idea of a company brand, but what does it actually mean in practice?

Embracing Human to Human Communications in a digital landscape

As the digital landscape evolves how does your organisation maintain a human to human approach?

Is your organisation adopting cultural and behavioural change?

When internal communications begin to show pain points, how can we encourage cultural and behavioural change?

How your organisation can make a proactive difference to schools and communities.

The economic landscape has changed. What role should an organisation have in helping our communities bounce back?

TMC and Citrus-Si Join Forces to Deliver Impactful CSR Initiatives

We have expanded our portfolio of service solutions by creating a strategic alliance with Bournemouth based Citrus-Si.

Using the S.I.T. model to set marketing priorities and create focus.

Explore the benefits of using the S.I.T. model to set your priorities and create focus in your marketing activities.

Focussing on your Authentic Self in Digital Marketing

Refocussing our marketing priorities can often seem like an overwhelming task...

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How to add context to your content marketing plans.

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Content Marketing Series: Curation

Curating your content can be less of a challenge with the correct tools.

Fonts in Design

How important is font to your design? Read our latest insights piece to find out how fonts can impact your designs.

Are Links Still Relevant for SEO?

Links for SEO. Are they still an important part of your brand strategy?

An Introduction to Social Media Algorithms

Wondering why your social media posts aren’t gaining as much traction as you’d hoped for?

Social Media for Pharma Service Companies

Discover the importance of social media for pharma service companies.

Digital and Social Engagement – B2B or B2C?

Is social engagement part of your B2B strategy?

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