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Content Marketing Series: Change

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Following on from our blog post about content curation, this post focuses on change and how it affects your content marketing strategy.

With the ever-evolving online world at your fingertips, we see new platforms and methods appearing daily.

It’s not just the digital marketing world that can change at the push of an article though…

Internal teams, partnerships, and processes are all prone to change at some point.

Whether you’re a fast-growing SME or large company partnering with a strategic communications agency, we all face the challenge and opportunity of ‘change’ at one point or another.

So how do we manage change within an organisation?

The short and simple answer is communication…

By keeping honest, open and informative communication part of your organisations culture, you can often counteract issues quickly and efficiently.

Internal communications is an increasingly important part of any business. Especially as teams grow and new techniques are implemented.

When things change, people can often be fearful of the unknown.

This is why we recommend, as marketers and social media experts, we should keep up to date with industry news as proactively as possible. Not only that but develop internal ways to share findings which may disrupt the regular flow of content. Trends are emerging on a daily basis, with experts sharing knowledge and data proactively across multiple channels.

Resources We Recommend:

Of course, this only touches on the subject of ‘change’ when it comes to content marketing strategy.

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