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Content Marketing Series: Collaboration

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One of the main challenges highlighted from our Roundtable Sessions at the Content Marketing Masterclass this week was ‘Collaboration’.

Collaboration, as a term, can apply to a few areas of your organisation and/or processes.

Whilst there are a range of ways, collaboration is integral to the smooth flow of productive outcomes (be it through external teams or internally), we discovered that collaboration between teams within organisations was of particular concern.

No matter the size of your place of work, internal collaboration can be one of the biggest issues.

There are various reasons for this.

But there are also various, and often simple ways, to resolve it.

TMC Strategic Communications

3 Simple ways to improve internal communications

  • Organise a social event outside of work or during lunch breaks.

It can be hard to socialise during hours of work with your immediate team. So socialising with additional teams can seem like an uphill battle! By taking steps to organise or attend social events outside of work, you can get to know colleague on a more personal level. Whether it’s a weekly pub quiz, or regular running club, there’s always a plethora of interests to get involved in.

  • Organise a bi-weekly sharing session

Many teams are working in ‘bubbles’ with a variety of disciplines in-house. A lot of people will admittedly have no idea what other people do in their day-to-day role. By having a 30 minutes sharing session bi-weekly, you can get a quick overview of roles inside your company. You can also stay up to date with any new innovations or processes too.

  • Remember that internal communications are a two-way street

Whilst it’s brilliant to take ownership of the internal communications, it can feel frustrating. Especially when feeling like you are not getting much uptake. Remember to get other people involved from each department. Ensure that all initiatives are two-way and to the benefit of all stakeholders.

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