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Content Marketing Series: Curation

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Content marketing can feel like a never-ending field of evolution. By creating evergreen content you can ensure that the articles produced hold value for the future. Sometimes it can be difficult to produce original content from scratch each time.

Curating content doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to produce new content each time.

You can curate content in a range of simple ways, which will, in turn, make your content marketing plans more productive.

Our first tip for curating content is by creating a base calendar of plans, which can be written in advance to ensure that regular posts are being created.

The type of topics on this calendar could include:

  • Seasonal events/trends
  • Tutorials/How-to Guides
  • FAQs answering customer/client queries
  • Industry opinion pieces

Aim to have at least 1-2 posts of this type of content live each week. As the content may not have an ‘expiry date’ you could even set a day aside each month to create a bank of posts.

Curating Third Party Content For Your Business

When posting content from external sources, there are a range of ways that you can keep up to date with relevant articles and insight.

One way is to set up a Google Alert for keywords related to your industry, service or brand.

These can be sent directly to your email inbox.

It’s easy to set up Google Alerts by going to

Whilst this can be a good way to monitor brand mentions and search terms, it can also be a little hit and miss with the content it serves in your inbox – especially if your alerts are set up for broader words.

What Other Content Curation Services Are Available?

Another great resource for curation of your content is websites such as DrumUp, Postfity and Sendible. All of these options provide you with a stream of content on their platforms.

Not only do they help to source the articles and links to post, but you can also schedule social media content here to automatically post to your channels.

Here at TMC, we favour Sendible for its abilities to post across multiple platforms, including Instagram.

In conclusion…

By setting up automatic alerts and utilising online sources, you can post more frequently; actively engaging your audience.

Monitoring your activities and evaluating what works well (and what doesn’t), will provide you with an accurate report on what you need to concentrate on moving forward.

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