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Defining Your Company Values by Your Behaviour

Three benefits why they bring a positive influence to your organisation

We often think the way we behave lasts for just that moment. It doesn’t.

Behaviours have a lasting impact beyond the moment. They can make and break business reputation and brands.

Think about how you feel when you have a bad customer service experience. Remember a meeting when your idea was cut down without care. Consider the feeling when you and a colleague(s) worked supportively and collaboratively to meet a demanding deadline . You never forget those moments and quite naturally tie them to the organisation and individual that made you feel that way.

So, is it possible to track the essence of positive behaviours throughout a company’s values, across its mission and onto its vision?

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Behaviours are your values

The connection between values and behaviours is so intrinsic, it can often be overlooked.

The values that organisations choose to promote are often remarkably similar and yet the company cultures displayed are far from the same.

Quite often values are derived from a brainstorm or creative marketing session. They are often, what management think their audience want to hear rather than what they believe in. It is therefore dangerous to impose and imprint a set of values onto an organisation if they are not upheld by the company, and importantly, the staff.

Do your values tell a story, do they join up? Most importantly do your values show up in your behaviours?

Your values should be authentic, natural and the truth. They should certainly be easily spotted and defined by those that interact with your organisation.

Positive behaviour is the key to building reputation and to success. Nothing else matters. Behaviour can be adjusted but if you don’t believe it, if it’s not authentic, it won’t last long. More to the point, colleagues, customers, and clients will see right through it, probably before you do.

TMC Strategic Communications

1. Leadership behaviour sets company culture

Do you work in an environment or culture that nurtures ideas, has an inclusive supportive atmosphere?

People remember how you made them feel rather than the words you said and that is extremely powerful!

Leadership that is approachable, honest, and compassionate help to build teams that are accountable, trusting, resilient, proactive, and passionate about their work and company mission.

The way that teams collaborate is key to building brand and cultures. How we choose to define the rules and identify acceptable behaviours has a direct impact on how individuals feel and in turn respond.

Values play an essential part in engaging and creating a positive inclusive culture.

2. Management behaviours affects staff retention

Anyone employing teams will be aware of discussions on the ‘great resignation’. After a very stressful period of change, navigating through COVID, where working practices have now fundamentally changed, it is not a surprise that many people are re-evaluating what they want from their career.

Attracting, connecting with, and retaining a talented and motivated workforce is about more than wages and free gym memberships. It’s about recognising that individuals want to be able to enjoy their work. It is now important for work to be flexible enough to fit in with these lifestyles. As part of this, managers should be looking to bring purpose and belonging to employees’ day to day experience.

Creating a positive working environment and the consistency of the senior management’s behaviour in their communication will have a direct impact on culture and staff retention.

As we know: ‘people don’t leave companies, they leave bad managers’.

3. Allow your behaviours to set your vision and mission

It’s your values that set you apart. They will have a direct impact on your business performance and your ability to attract and retain staff.

As more and more customers and employees choose organisations that share their values, taking the time to reflect on, identify and define your organisation’s authentic behaviour will have a direct impact on your vision and therefore mission.

The way you consistently behave is a direct reflection of your true values.

If your values are defined by your behaviours and your behaviours are genuinely how you want to be accepted and remembered, then your behaviour should be allowed to influence your vision.

TMC Strategic Communications

Creating legacy

Your behaviours will create your brand and your legacy.

At TMC, the three words that define us are: Courage, Honesty and Care, these are reflected in our behaviours, towards our clients, amongst our peers and within the community in which we operate. This is what we stand for and what we wish our legacy to be.


Courage to strive for what we believe in, to reach our goals, to challenge conventional ideas and to innovate.


Without honesty there is an absence of trust, trust is the underlying foundation of our relationships, with our clients and amongst ourselves.


The care we take in everything we do, the quality we deliver and our care for each other: connecting through empathy.

What will you do to ensure your organisations is one you would want to be remembered for?

Let us help you to define your three words.

To find out more about our brand story 3 Words that define us: Courage, Honesty and Care.

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