We have been trained to think of digital and social engagement in terms of B2B or B2C. It’s important to remember that no matter what the desired audience, it is all H2H (human to human).

Behind every smartphone, monitor or tablet you are speaking to a real person.

Whilst social media in the B2B arena has been active for many years, some companies are still apprehensive when it comes to utilising them.

LinkedIn is favoured amongst B2B audiences. But the platforms you use are dependant on your audience and where they dwell.

Often lacking resource for social engagement, the common myth is that there is little ROI within online platforms.

But as user habits evolve, demographics are becoming more socially savvy. It is never too late to enhance your B2B presence through social media. After all, behind every account, every like, every share is a human with an element of influence at some level.

Social media, put simply, is the largest networking event ever seen. Allowing any organisations to showcase themselves on a level playing field, for those who embrace it the possibilities are endless. Never before have we had an open channel of direct communication with humans making decisions every day.

As organisations are becoming increasingly member-centric, we have seen a distinct rise in B2B marketing strategies focussing around the end-user.

Every platform will not be relevant to every business: choose the most relevant to you. Upload branded images, logos and team pictures and you become immediately more visible. Listen to what people are talking about, and respond accordingly. Whether it is with insights or links.

The door is open – join the conversation. Human to human.

TMC Strategic Communications Terri Lowe

Terri Lowe

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager at TMC, Terri holds an in-depth knowledge of Social Media, Content Marketing and SEO; keeping up to date with all of the latest marketing news and insights.

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