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How your organisation can make a proactive difference to schools and communities.

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Will your organisation make a lasting difference and fulfil your triple bottom line?

We find ourselves in unprecedented times; Covid-19, lockdown, social injustice and what will be the biggest economic crisis that we have ever seen. Thus, organisations should take a proactive approach to initiatives based within their community.

How do organisations find a way to do this? With budget cuts, projects cancelled and teams disbanded; is there a way that we can effectively communicate with our customers?

What role should an organisation have in helping our schools and communities bounce back?

The economic landscape has changed

Everyone is talking about the ‘new normal’. But how do we define what this is going to be when the landscape is in fact still changing?

There has clearly been a seismic shift in what we once recognised. Any assurance we had disappeared with what was, and we now need to look forward to what opportunities might develop.

We have all had to flex over the last few months. However, we have found ways to connect with each other using technology. Most importantly, we have found new ways to engage with audiences.

Reputations matter more than ever

Organisations will be defined by how they take action at this time. How will you act and reach out to your communities as you look forward to the future?

Brands and organisations should be proactive in creating strong engagement through carefully delivered initiatives. Sectors that have been impacted need to formulate innovative programmes to ensure they can maintain their brand reputation.

Businesses can use this time as an opportunity to reach out to schools and communities to make a lasting difference.

We can make a difference

In these challenging times, with budgets being slashed, teams dismantled, and the operational effectiveness of the organisations marketing strained, we can work towards making a difference.

By engaging in an education and community initiative, we create a win/win scenario for businesses and the communities in which they are based. We help to build on your education and talent pipeline. We do this by enhancing your brand reputation and creating a community impact that is positive, measured and well-received in this difficult time.

Organisations can benefit but need to act now

Schools are finding themselves in increasingly difficult positions. Headteachers and their management teams have to look beyond the impossible task of accommodating pupils and staff safely.

In September, schools need to deliver an effective and engaging curriculum but will be doing so with added challenges. Supporting pupils who have suffered a loss of routine, social interaction and self-regulation. This is alongside the many hours of class time required to get students up to speed. As well as this, the added constraints of social distancing also need to be in place.

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