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A New Chapter; Onboarding during the Pandemic

Working Remotely: The TMC Way

Over the course of the last year we have embraced a wealth of change at TMC; our team has doubled in size and our working practices have been revolutionised. Having joined as a Digital Marketing Executive in April 2021, I have witnessed TMC adapt and grow to ensure a comfortable and happy working space for all, whether that be working remotely or based in the office. 

As I approach my one-year anniversary, I am keen to reflect on my journey with the help of Katie, a fellow Digital Marketing Executive who joined a few weeks before me. Navigating through the past 12 months, from starting remotely during a national lockdown to hybrid working, I want to share my TMC journey and how as a team we have embraced every opportunity along the way.

COVID-19 and a new chapter in flexible working 

At a time where our world changed, the opportunity to reflect on my own wellbeing became ever more apparent during 2020. To be able to take the time to understand my values and question whether the path ahead aligned with them was incredibly valuable and something that was at the forefront of my mind when seeking out a new job. 

Katie and I set out for change, keen to find a more fulfilling role, ultimately joining the TMC team at the height of the pandemic in Spring 2021.

Being a recent graduate and having dipped my toe into in-house marketing (both at a leading luxury automotive brand whilst on placement and a design-led family run business), I was ready to take my experience and enthusiasm into a company that demonstrated shared values and where the work we did could really make a difference and create a lasting impact.

Redefining the Recruitment Process

Taking the leap into finding a new role is often a complicated process at the best of times. Not only were we both looking for an opportunity that would create the fulfilment and purpose we were lacking in our current roles, but we were doing so in an uncertain world. 

How could we truly understand the culture of a prospective workplace through the lense of a webcam? In order to elevate the recruitment process and bridge the gap created by the lack of face to face interaction, it is important for both the interviewee and employer to interact in a way that encourages honesty and care. 

Aligning with the core pillars that drive TMC forward, the Senior Management strived to place understanding and empathy at the forefront of their external communications, whilst searching for new candidates to join the ambitious team.

Regular communication was implemented throughout the process, including informal phone calls prior to interviews and e-mail dialog to ease any apprehension. This openness reinforced the flat hierarchy structure throughout TMC, as well as showing the welcoming atmosphere that is embedded into the culture.  

TMC Strategic Communications

Onboarding – First Day (Not) in the Office

One of the keys to effective remote working is ensuring that each individual throughout the company has the correct equipment, as well as the opportunity to work in the most suitable environment for their needs, depending on the job they do. To enable this, each new team member receives a complete home set-up on their first day, including all relevant tech that is tailored to their role. 

From my perspective, as well as meeting the physical requirements of the role, it is also essential that each employee feels that initial nurturing. This can often become lost when not interacting as a group in a real-world environment. This requires a proactive approach from each new employee’s mentor or manager. Whether that’s virtually introducing individuals across the team to allow for professional relationships to form, or by setting up meetings for each department to gather an understanding of ‘who does what’.

Replicating the office culture requires more planning and increased momentum when working fully remote. Gone are the unscheduled, informal chats over coffee in the breakout room! However, TMC made this work by bringing the entire team together on a video call at both the start and the end of the week helps to keep the culture alive and instils that sense of belonging. 

Katie adds  “Having one-to-one introductions over video call made that first week less overwhelming, and was something that helped me to feel part of the team very early on. The regular team meetings we have on Monday and Friday really helped to solidify that.” 

TMC Strategic Communications
TMC Strategic Communications

Getting to Grips with Hybrid Working

Having spent so long working fully remote due to the pandemic, shared optimism was high at the thought of returning to the central office. It became apparent that empathy would be crucial in implementing the next phase; creating the best environment for everyone, inclusive of their individual needs, whilst not losing sight of our values.

TMC adopted a ‘people first’ approach which allowed each employee to embed into their role and connect with the wider team. This is when the ‘hybrid model’ was truly brought to life; employees in full control of their schedules allowing each individual to be in the right place at the right time for them, whether that’s at home or in the office. It offered and continues to offer a truly flexible approach to the day-to-day work/life balance. This embodies a fully adaptable culture. Not only does it allow employees to feel safe at work, but also valued.

TMC Strategic Communications

TMC ‘ The New Normal’

As the last two years have shown us, a pandemic is certainly not predictable nor is it linear. As a company, we have a duty to ensure that we listen to our team and create a safe environment that encourages individual growth and inclusivity alongside commercial successes. 

“We care, we listen, we act.”Tim McCloud, Managing Director 

As we navigate forwards embracing the ‘new normal’, the TMC Well-being Team (which I was invited to be a part of), has become a vital new component in living by this commitment. The team is constantly working to build on the atmosphere and culture that has helped to nurture the team thus far. 

Our Well-being Mission

‘Our mission is to drive practical solutions that have a positive impact on well-being within TMC.
We will do this by offering sustainable support using initiatives which aim to develop trust, encourage growth and create balance for individuals and the TMC family.’

It is incredibly empowering to be co-chairing the employee led well-being team, made up of a representative from each department. We are passionate about nurturing the physical and mental health of the whole team at TMC in a way that is inclusive of the new hybrid way of working. We recognise that the world has changed to how we knew it, but we see it as a way of embracing the change for the better.

From company-wide ‘wellness’ surveys to instigating a healthy line-up of social events and activities, we look forward to celebrating the achievements of this innovative and forward-thinking new team.

Reflecting on the past year, it is clearly apparent that as individuals and as a team we have been able to show honesty, care and courage through our journey. Revolutionising the way in which we work and continuing to put our people first, at the heart of our culture. 

We are confident that as we continue to grow, our values will continue to shine through.

TMC Strategic Communications

Katie and I have shared our experiences and collaborated on top tips for starting a new job remotely; 

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When starting a new job, gathering all the information you need is important in those first few weeks. Better to ask the questions, even if you have to ask more than once, than sit there worrying about not doing something correctly! 
  • Have honest conversations. Make sure you are open with what your needs are, both in the work environment and personally. If you are working remotely, is there anything that could improve your experience? 
  • Put yourself out there. When working remotely, it can be difficult to meet everyone within the company to begin with. Introduce yourself to each team, start conversations using the more informal communication channels and try to get involved as soon as you can with any activities, to integrate yourself within the team. 
  • Take the opportunity to meet people face to face. Whilst online video calls have made communicating from afar so much easier, it doesn’t quite compare to speaking to someone in person and building that bond! 
  • Embrace the journey. Starting a new job at any point in life tends to be a little nerve wrecking. There’s often a lot of new information to take in, new processes to follow and new people to meet. Embrace it, and enjoy your new role. 

Ready to find out a little more about the TMC team and how we work together in our new hybrid environment? Head to our About Us page where you can learn more, or alternatively explore our Careers section where we highlight our latest opportunities!

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