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From Graduation to Collaboration

Could TMC be on your horizon after graduation?

Have you recently graduated from university or are you going to be donning that ceremonial gown soon? Whilst the prospect of pinning the rest of your life on the next steps you take seems incredibly daunting, there is light at the end of the tunnel for those with a creative flair, a scrupulous eye, and an insatiable appetite to create positive change.

Five TMC graduates

Having joined TMC in September 2021 after recently completing an MBA in International Marketing, my fresh perspective as a graduate, (and now a Marketing Executive) has led me to many impromptu discussions within the wider office.

I was delighted to discover that four of my other colleagues were also recent graduates. Charlie, Elisha, Matt, Siân, and I all had different routes to TMC. Our varying experiences mean that we can give a deep insight into the start of working life for those of you who are recent graduates or those who are writing the closing chapters in their life in education.

We thought this was a great opportunity to share our collective insight on life at TMC, for those ready to take the next steps.


How have TMC eased any concerns you had about the transition from university to working life?

Charlie joined the TMC team in March 2021 as an Account Executive and has already been promoted to a Senior Account Executive within our client-facing team. He felt the same uncertainty we’ve all experienced when progressing to a new, seemingly monumental phase of our lives.

TMC Strategic Communications

Whilst it is completely normal to have some worries as to what life after university might hold for you, it helps to be realistic when acknowledging that working life is different on many levels from that of a student.

I can assure you that there are still plenty of opportunities to have fun when you start work (although lie-ins will quite rightly become a thing of the past!). Flexibility doesn’t have to become a thing of the past either. At TMC we utilise a flexible working model, ensuring our team don’t feel pressured to miss important events due to work. Identifying the right workplace that are keen to share their experience in navigating these daunting phases is key to taking the first step to a lifelong, fulfilled career.

post graduate jobs

How do TMC help you maximise your potential as an entry-level graduate?

Matt joined TMC in November 2021 and is one of our very knowledgeable (and incredible valued) junior designers, sitting within our multi-disciplinary studio team and continually learning new tools of the trade, by being in the centre of our creative studio.

TMC Strategic Communications

This made me reflect on when I was studying my Masters. I was always concerned that despite completing four years of University, I would be seen as the ‘bottom rung of the ladder’. However, these fears quickly vanished when I started at TMC. No matter your job role, your opinion is valued and everyone gets equal opportunities. From joining client-facing meetings to being invited into strategic planning sessions, the opportunities for growth seem to be embedded in everyday life here.


What advice would you have for any new graduate looking to begin their career?

Whilst every person takes cues and learning from different sources, from my perspective I would have found advice from recent graduates already rooted within their post graduate jobs, extremely useful when I was navigating my way through recruitment.

TMC Strategic Communications

On reflection, my one piece of advice within that overwhelming process is simple; be yourself. Your personality is your biggest strength. A great company places its people at the cornerstone of its service, with the ‘right fit’ of huge importance – however, don’t be tempted to take this advice to the extreme by strutting your sliders into the interview(!) – ‘being yourself’ should showcase how you would add value to the role.

Charlie highlights the importance of a positive attitude and mentality to graduates looking for work:

TMC Strategic Communications

I’m creative, ambitious, and dedicated – should I pursue agency life or aim towards in-house?

All five of us had different journeys before starting our roles at TMC. The supremely talented Elisha had previous experience in being the only in-house designer and Marketing resource, before joining TMC.

TMC Strategic Communications

Day to day at TMC – the sum of many smaller parts?

Whilst I form part of the TMC Marketing team, Charlie and Siân work in a team that manage our client relationships, and both Matt and Elisha explore their creative minds in Studio, departments aren’t strictly defined within TMC.

We might be faced with differing problem-solving opportunities each day, but in reality we are all one big team and striving for the same goals; innovation, achieving excellence and working towards positive social impact.

Support comes from not only within your bubble, but from every department and seniority level – as a graduate, this network of individuals willing to share their experience and join you on that continual quest for learning feels very reassuring. Each and every one of us is passionate about the work we do, which is why we have such high aspirations for the future.

Siân is also part of our hard-working accounts team, having been at TMC for over six months now. Here she shares her views on the inclusivity within the company:

TMC Strategic Communications

From graduates to gratifying career paths

From the professional yet light-hearted atmosphere of the office to the many provisions that have been put into place to transition new recruits during a period of COVID uncertainty, I think we can collectively agree that we are really enjoying our post graduate jobs at TMC.

Not only this, but I can safely say we have all been pleasantly surprised by how quickly we have settled in. Our expectations of joining a company with clear ambition, a collaborative atmosphere and clients who are really affecting positive change was maybe considered unattainable so early on in our careers.

Graduate working strategically with pieces of paper

I have pulled together some key tips; that we feel are important for any recent graduate or student:

  • Any experience is valuable experience – though you might not particularly enjoy every place you work, every experience contributes to the bank of skills and knowledge that help shape our careers, and us as people.
  • Be yourself – remember that you are unique and that everything will work out if you allow you to be yourself.
  • Commitment – in many things in life you get out what you put in. Showing commitment to developing your skillset as well as growing personally, will increase the chance that you get the most out of your career.

TMC are continually on the lookout for those who share our commitment to leaving a positive legacy and are ready to work hard. Show us how you could become part of our team, by exploring our post graduate jobs.

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