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Social Media for Pharma Service Companies

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Social media doesn’t appear as an instant match for Pharma Service companies and is often ruled out due to being typically viewed as part of a B2C platform.

However, social platforms are increasingly important as part of healthcare strategies. It makes sense to adopt social platforms, With emerging technologies taken into account. In addition to this, they are a cost-effective resource to connect with wider audiences.

Quality is a key factor when establishing presence and measuring success.

Who are your followers? High follower rates on social media accounts are merely a popularity contest. They bear no relationship to the effectiveness of communications, particularly for pharma accounts.

A social account could have thousands of followers. However, those followers are worthless if they don’t have interest in the offered service. Conversely, a low number of highly targeted and engaged users reaps huge rewards.

The company image grows when content and information posted online gain social shares across different platforms. The depth of knowledge possessed by both the company and staff members is showcased and it gives followers a unique insight into how a company can fulfil requirements.

As a result, companies providing useful information within their sector are seen as key thought leaders. Regular publications bring in return visits from relevant audiences.

Moreover, prospective clients are highly likely to look at key team member’s accounts across social platforms. Users gain more insight and confidence in the abilities of the company if they have a great online presence. It also helps in the forming of relationships.

Can pharma service companies afford to be inactive on social media?

In recent months we have seen an increase in pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations seeking social media support. This includes engagement campaigns to lead generation and growth. We specialise in helping companies to communicate their message to relevant audience groups.

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