With extensive experience in designing and delivering ERDF programmes, we have an impeccable track record of delivering results that drive GVA and generate jobs.

TMC Strategic Communications Agency ERDF Services

Establishing strong partnerships.

For ERDF programmes to be successful it is essential to establish clear reporting and communication channels. Valuing the quality of relationships working with partners who share these principles, we define a framework and integrate teams to identify efficiencies and initiatives that can improve that success and output of the programme.


When all key stakeholders and community engagements are considered we have seen a boost in referrals and ERDF programme uptake. Working alongside project owners and established brands, we provide effective and efficient communications throughout the rollout of ERDF programmes. Assisting with the development of branding, key messaging, events and publicity, we ensure maximum reach and successful uptake by eligible businesses.

A strong methodology, proposed services and intervention activities.

To drive engagement from eligible businesses, our marketing and engagement strategies utilise a range of activities that create meaningful interactions and encourage registration to the events. Reaching support networks, local stakeholders and media through digital marketing, telemarketing, and PR activities, we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to audience segmentation and engagement.


Evaluating the prospective businesses within the designated catchment areas, we have an advanced understanding of eligibility rules and can factor this in before we process with acquisition activities. With dedicated processes to streamline this system, we run an efficient acquisition and retention process that provides understanding and assistance.

Our process, data handling and reporting.

Customer engagement and data collection is tracked as part of the eligibility process and in line with GDPR. We understand and adhere to the National ERDF Eligibility rules. We ensure that eligibility of the business is checked prior to any diagnostic using the MINT UK database.


Our management team have years of experience working across ERDF programmes and are clear to establish reporting lines and checking processes that will continually monitor and evaluate the performance of a programme. The collection and management of data and information including business records, verifying outputs and administrating the programme is vital to success. Over the years we have established data collection and quality assurance processes, which clearly evidence the effectiveness of our outputs.

Added Value and Legacy.

We provide additional value through opportunities to create a legacy. As a communications agency specialising in ERDF programme delivery, we introduced intuitive web spider reports for all eligible businesses as part of a programme.


Our team of presenters and project organisers have been instrumental in producing far-reaching digital solutions, such as LinkedIn groups, web portals, video and written case studies. We understand that successful ERDF programmes reach go far beyond the C1 outputs and have a lasting effect on the business community. We have developed a range of workshop based activities that have been evidenced as highly effective at and beyond the sessions.


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