Using a range of techniques and platforms, we generate results for your campaigns that encourage audience acquisition and participation, striving to grow your business even further.

Choosing relevant channels for your audience.

Not one size fits all when marketing your organisation. With the luxury of having both online and offline platforms to communicate your message, it can often be challenging to determine which is the most relevant to generate leads from your audience. By using our process and data analysis, with creative input, we ensure that you are in front of the right people needed for business growth.


Digital marketing brings the opportunity to utilise cost-effective solutions. By placing the right time to the right method, your business can benefit from working ‘smarter’ to reach more prospects faster. This could be through events, using networks and showcases or promotional activities. You can be assured that the channels and programmes we recommend will deliver on the ROI you are looking for. All our marketing activities and lead generation programmes are supported by robust reporting and tracking documents. These are updated and supplied via reporting dashboards to provide detailed analysis though digestible data.

Liam Dooley TMC

“We look into the data in detail, applying intelligence and experience in order to give our clients the advantage they seek.”

Liam Dooley - Accounts Team, TMC

“We look into the data in detail, applying intelligence and experience in order to give our clients the advantage they seek.”

Liam Dooley - Accounts Team, TMC

Results and ROI driven Campaigns.

Lead generation combines the application of data intelligence with innovative campaign strategies in order to deliver results. Utilising both creative and analytical approaches, we take each project and break it down to find an advantage in every activity we undertake on your behalf. Starting by profiling your ideal audience, we help to create personas and user journeys that optimise the user experience. Aiming to bring your campaign to life and to maximise the opportunities for exceeding set targets, we see each audience interaction with your organisation as crucial in building trust and customer loyalty. This not only attracts new audiences, but it also retains them as loyal advocates to your brand.


Working with you, we can also identify and supply fully GDPR compliant data. Management and rights for use are scrutinised to ensure the best value for your budget. Once checked and cleansed, if required, harvested data can then be fed into your existing CRM to improve and optimise all touchpoints with your audience. As part of all programmes, we look closely at the planning and delivery mechanisms. It is essential that the channels, timing and messages selected are correct for the audience and brand fit. We scope out draft plans and timings, then work with you to build detail and measurement into the campaign plan.

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