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Success in today’s world depends more on teamwork than on the performance of any single individual, even one considered a superstar.

The question is how can organisations take teamwork to the next level? What is the Art and Science of building lasting collaborations that deliver exceptional results?

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Our Solution – The High Performing Team Challenge

We believe that building models of excellence is key to sustainability. So, our research into developing High Performing Teams took us beyond one-off team away days and leadership rallying calls, powerful though they can be. We wanted to learn from other successful teams and test the principles for ourselves.

We brought in a successful team facilitator to support and challenge us.

The results we are achieving within TMC have astounded us and we are now partnering with clients and our networks to share the benefits of our know-how to supercharge their teams.

Methodology & Impact

Running facilitated in-house workshop programmes, supported by coaching, helps teams to learn from proven models whilst creating their own processes, standards and agreements. We work with you to understand how to build deeper trust, encourage healthy conflict of ideas, win commitment and hold each other accountable.

With clarity of purpose and a cohesive team, the impact on performance is tangible and measurable.

“We work with organisations that are curious and motivated to explore with TMC how investing in their teams and will improve performance, nurture their talent pool and create opportunities for growth.”

Ian Walker – Head of Talent and Performance

Delivery, execution & evidencing success

Our workshops dovetail with client work schedules over a period of months. Each one building on the last and enabling teams to practice new skills and grow together.

We use an independent profiling tool to provide a snapshot of the team culture and diversity of behavioural types at the start. This highlights strengths and opportunities for development.

In the process, the team eliminates wasteful meetings, reduces misunderstandings and focuses on team results.

We assist you in building brand culture:

Sharing feedback, barriers and successes through the programme contributes to the team storybook. Additionally, re-runs of the team culture profile further evidence behavioural change and return on investment.

One of the key benefits of this process is the creation of an engaged and motivated team. From which you will increase the operational resilience, as well as benefit from ideas being developed and spearheaded from within your organisation.

The result – increased productivity, improved communication and a strong sense of belonging and culture.

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