Account Executive

Always remember you’re unique just like everyone else and change is one thing we can count on.

Georgina has worked in B2C marketing for many years, creating engaging campaigns that helped her clients retain their customers. Over the past few years, Georgina felt that she wasn’t reaching her potential and learning the skills needed to grow in the Marketing field. With the enthusiasm to learn Georgina decided to take the leap, and join TMC and learn how B2B marketing works.

Georgina has an active role in her local theatre and dedicates a lot of her free time, helping theatre societies put on productions throughout the year. She has a great work ethic and believes that there are always ways to improve.


Theatre, Gym, The Housing Market, Dogs

One Day

Have more faith in my abilities and be mortgage free

Favourite Film

Hocus Pocus

You’ll Never Guess…

I was on waterloo road

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