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Brand Visibility

Providing strategic growth, campaigns, and design solutions to enhance business growth opportunities and increase visibility for the APS Group: market leaders in technologically advanced agriculture.

The APS Group is an innovative and forward-thinking business, at the forefront of traditional and modern growing techniques for over 70 years.

Pearson & Sons was founded in 1949 in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Since then, the business has expanded to seven locations and the APS Group now includes 141 acres of glasshouse and 103,000 square feet of packing facilities throughout the UK.

Through a relationship , TMC have supported APS as a strategic marketing partner in the delivery of a variety of business growth strategies and opportunities. Throughout the partnership, we have focussed on the communication of size, scale and relevance of the organisation within leading supermarkets in and around the United Kingdom.

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APS group tomatoes

Increasing visibility

Maximising the benefits of new technology and communicating this to investors and suppliers, TMC have assisted in enhancing the image of the whole supply network. This resulted in improved visibility of their environmental excellence and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Facilitating the introduction of new tomato varieties, we have provided innovative packaging and brand concepts that engage customers through behaviour enhancing in-store environments.

Supporting the APS Group in their position at the forefront of the growing and agricultural industry, we understand the importance of communicating their size, scale and ‘people first’ approach.

Aps group tomatoes

“TMC are incredibly inspiring, instantly understanding the objectives we are working towards. We are enjoying our 11th year of working with TMC and are confident this relationship will continue to grow.”

Emma Burke – Group Technical Director, APS Group, APS Group

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As part of our ongoing relationship, we provide the following support as a baseline to additional strategic activity:

A Tactical Approach

Audience motivators are identified for the development of brand awareness and key message dissemination.

We provide innovative packaging solutions and targeted store campaigns as part of the growth strategies to encourage tomato sales within the supermarkets. The concepts presented have been incredibly well received by Tesco, with many initiatives being implemented within stores. Taking this strategy to other supermarkets, the APS Group has seen a significant increase in sales and have greater visibility within the marketplace.

Tesco supermarket Aps group tomatoes
Tesco supermarket Aps group tomatoes
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Building Brand Visibility

Through careful positioning of both existing and new varieties of product lines, we assist in generating a significant return and increased visibility for the APS Group.

We provide highly responsive turnaround times and deliver a broad range of projects to support the competitive environment within which the APS Group distribute their products.

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Promoting Creative Technology

As a leader within the agricultural sector, the APS Group has developed a reputation for being technologically advanced. They were the first supplier to receive the Tesco Nurture Gold Standard for environmental best practice. Through working closely with them, we have been able to communicate their initiatives proactively.

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