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Cheshire West and Chester Council

Programme Support

Providing consultancy and business support to a series of SMEs in Cheshire West and Chester.

As part of a series of ongoing partnerships with Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC), we have developed and delivered a series of programmes to support the ‘Let’s Talk Business’ initiative.

Through a series of consultation and business support sessions with a range of B2B and B2C SMEs, we have assisted in elevating the presence of Let’s Talk Business, positioning it as a recognised knowledge hub.

With a diverse range of sectors, services and products, our dedicated team offer input that supports businesses to build stronger local connections and supply chains, whilst expanding the business directory and inward investment to Cheshire West and Chester.


Support tailored to each programme

Through a blended approach of one-to-one and group events, we work with partners such as West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber to deliver on shared objectives. Evaluating the specific needs of the businesses, we deliver responses tailored to their individual needs. This support ranges from overarching marketing strategies, to services such as SEO, training, video production and creative asset delivery for brochures, websites and social media.

Throughout this process, we have created actionable solutions and delivered creative collateral to increase visibility, enhance growth and manage change.

Reactive and adaptable to both the business itself and the current political and business climate, each programme is designed to deliver maximum results, alongside achieving dedicated outputs attached to the initiative.

Through this activity, we have increased database registrations for the newsletter with now over >1,000 businesses signed up, whilst delivering results for over 60 businesses within the local area on a consultative basis.


Online workshop

ERDF Managed Workspace Project

Experienced in the design and delivery of ERDF programmes, we understand the outputs required and the relevant processes attached.

For this series of ERDF funded programmes, we supported Cheshire West and Chester Council with the delivery of high growth business interventions through 1-2-1 consultancy.

We were required to work with the local authority to detect eligible B2B businesses that were identified as high growth organisations seeking new premises within the Cheshire West area. With a particular focus on those that expressed an interest in new ERDF funded industrial workspace for growing businesses in Chester, Ellesmere Port and Winsford.

Throughout this activity, we assisted over 20 businesses with 12 hours of support each. This support included outputs such as launching new products or service to market, new job creation within the local area or increasing productivity for internal teams.


Brexit Readiness

Preparing local B2B and B2C businesses for when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, our team were engaged with a range of businesses in the run-up to, and during, the EU Exit over 6 months.

Supporting through bespoke consultancy, each solution identified specific methods to improve marketing, communications and sales.  Understanding the challenges and impact caused to supply chains and business growth was crucial in assisting businesses in creating actionable objectives to achieve a smooth transition.

Throughout this programme, we assisted 20 businesses with 12 hours in building resilience and continuity of trading through a challenging landscape of uncertainty.


COVID 19 support

In unprecedented times, our team of experts created a virtual programme of support that assisted B2B and B2C SMEs in adapting to unexpected change.

This support directly assisted local businesses in building resiliencies, continuity and reduce the impact caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Through a COVID-19 compliant delivery, we also utilised digital platforms to host Keeping Connected workshops for 40 businesses. Ensuring that these workshops maintained the quality and delivery of traditional face-to-face assistance, there was also a series of follow up 1-2-1 appointments to further assist select businesses.

Due to restrictions, it was of utmost importance to ensure that all businesses we able to understand and utilise digital marketing platforms to improve their campaigns and bolster revenue. Using market research, we were also able to assist in developing new routes to market within the local economy and support the implementation of this activity.

Business support brochures

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