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Daily Reporter Newspaper

Development of newspaper content and design to deliver accurate and insightful expert medical content throughout annual congress events.

The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) is the leading professional organisation for medical oncology. With 20,000 members representing oncology professionals from over 150 countries worldwide.

TMC regularly collaborates with the ESMO team to deliver their daily newspaper that engages and informs delegates throughout the annual congresses. The project includes development of all newspaper content, from the design, through to managing a team of medical writers for article production and the procurement of advertising. Working closely with the Press Committee and Editorial team, to deliver accurate and insightful content, our on-site team are accountable for producing, publishing, and distributing all newspapers by 7am the following morning throughout the congress events.

The Results
  • 1.2k scientific and corporate articles written

  • 25k circulated newspapers per each 5-day event

  • 30+ newspaper designs over 8 years

Our Solution

Supporting the newspaper on-site, our team of medical writers and designers work directly with ESMO in reviewing the non-abstract related programme, abstracts, late-breaker abstracts, data, corporate messages and the strict embargo policy.

ESMO congress daily reporter newspaper
Man working on setting up newspaper design

Proposing a draft plan for the development of content and liaising with authors and the editorial team to ensure accuracy, the content plan also takes into consideration the sponsored industry advertising space sold by ESMO.

Welcome to ESMO 2018

“Oncology is a rapidly changing field and we can always count on TMC to produce high quality articles.”

Vanessa Pavinato – Head of Communications, ESMO

As the Annual ESMO Congress has its own brand and themes each year, we work within the brand guidelines to develop visuals with photography, that entices delegates to pick-up the daily newspaper and immerses them within the contents.

ESMO congress daily reporter newspaper
Man reading ESMO congress daily reporter newspaper
People handing out ESMO congress daily reporter newspaper
ESMO congress daily reporter
ESMO congress

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