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The launch of an impactful awareness campaign across Europe, realising innovative concepts through a strong visual style. Promoted through a multi-channel campaign, the eye-catching assets developed from a 3D environment, resulted in the project surpassing the projected KPI’s.

With over 20 years of experience in developing impactful breast health solutions, Hologic are pioneers in their field. Using cutting-edge science, they continually improve efficiency, accuracy, and precision to deliver excellence.

Our brief was to develop an impactful, fully integrated awareness campaign for the launch of 3DQuorum across Europe; a significant milestone for the Breast Health Division of Hologic. The campaign needed to communicate directly to the target audience and be distinct and effective in helping Hologic stand out from its competitors.

The campaign centred on the launch of 3DQuorum Imaging Technology, an AI-powered solution which helps radiologists to review mammography data faster, creating workflow efficiencies and helping to deal with breast screening backlogs.

The Results
  • 1M+ Users exposed to the campaign content across all channels

  • 130% Expected impressions achieved

  • 1.3M Total Impressions

Asset from the Hologic 3DQuorum campaign

The Solution

Our team approached the campaign by exploring a series of creative directions, using the brief as the cornerstone of each differing creative. Following collaborative client feedback, the chosen campaign; ‘Detection Accelerated’ set to communicate the workflow efficiency gained by using the product. The particles and motion blur used symbolise speed, while the crisp visualisations of the breast demonstrate the excellent image quality which Hologic is renowned for.

After developing the concept, our 3D team built out a bespoke 3D environment that could be manipulated to create a selection of eye-catching visuals, including a hero video which incorporated the campaign messaging. The environment also allowed for a variety of static images to be exported, suitable for strategic use across the range of channels deployed in the campaign.

With video content ranked so highly within each of the social media algorithms, creating animated social posts alongside static graphics was integral in developing a strong set of visuals for use on LinkedIn. The images and animations supported a suite of posts which succinctly highlighted the benefits of 3DQuorum, making the information easily digestible by the targeted radiologists.

Successful multi-channel campaign

LinkedIn sponsored content was just one part of the holistic communications plan developed by our strategy team. Additional channels used included industry publications (print and digital), online forums and Google pay per click advertising.

By delivering over one million impressions of the campaign assets, it succeeded in achieving results above and beyond the estimated KPIs. Generating awareness and relevant leads, the campaign supported the Hologic sales team in reaching their commercial targets ahead of schedule.

The unique visual identity created for the product as part of the campaign has now been extended across additional AI-based solutions within the Hologic breast screening portfolio.

Hologic's 3DQuorum campaign on a phone
Asset from the Hologic 3DQuorum campaign

“3DQuorum technology utilises powerful AI analytics to deliver high quality breast images with reduced read time. This gave our 3D team the opportunity to create a series of strong visuals which conveyed speed and represented the incredible level of information available to the radiologist”

Antony McNally – Art Director, TMC

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