Creating a targeted awareness campaign that illustrates the key efficiencies of this innovative breast health system.
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Hologic empowers people to live a healthier life everywhere, every day. With ground-breaking technology at the core of their organisation, their innovations centre on improving women’s health across the globe.

Coinciding with the re-launch of the Brevera® Breast Biopsy System in June 2021, TMC were briefed with ‘developing an awareness campaign that clearly portrayed the strengths of the Brevera system to both radiologists and patients during biopsy procedures, to re-establish Hologic in the field of Breast Biopsy’. Due to the sensitive and technical nature of the procedure, there were a wealth of considerations to ensure the campaign was effective.

The Results
  • 1m+ Users exposed to the campaign content across all channels

  • 135 Lead Gen forms completed

  • 19k Users clicked on the content

Campaign visual with two women looking at each other displayed on a computer screen
Brevera landing page on a computer screen
Computer screen displaying 4 video recordings

Our Solution

Having evaluated the unique benefits of the Brevera system, the focus of the campaign centred on the valuable time that this innovative biopsy process could save. Therefore, to ensure the campaign resonated with the target audience an accurate and engaging representation of the time-saving benefits of the system was needed.

Our team approached the project aiming for a strong, provocative concept and visual style. Following collaborative feedback with the client, the ‘Minutes Matter’ direction was chosen which clearly communicated the valuable time-saving qualities of the Brevera system. The Brevera biopsy process allows for informed clinical decisions to be made at the point of care and an improved patient experience – a key point that the overarching ‘Minutes Matter’ messaging encapsulates succinctly and effectively.

TMC’s experienced studio team developed the campaign assets using bespoke lifestyle photography and video. The core image of a Clinician and patient facing each other was used to indicate the relationship that forms during this emotive procedure, alongside the motives and internal dialogue that each has to consider.

From this concept, a series of visuals were created with striking design and ‘to-the-point’ messaging. This digital suite included a bespoke landing page, social media posts, web banners alongside traditional collateral such as print adverts.

Campaign visual with two women looking at each other on a phone

Our Omni-channel Strategy

To ensure the captivating messaging and visuals were served to the most relevant audiences, a robust communications plan was developed by our strategy team, targeting pre-defined demographics through paid amplification on LinkedIn to achieve set metrics.

The suite of social graphics consisted of both animations and typography led static images. The punchy use of the campaign strap-line and the striking ‘mirror image’ photography highlighted the core benefits of the Brevera Breast Biopsy system and maximised engagement with the target audience.

“The Brevera Breast Biopsy System reduces time under compression for the patient and features an integrated pain management function, to alleviate any stress or worries experienced, It’s so inspiring to work with a client that continuously strives for innovation in the field of women’s health.

Chelsea Howe – Account Manager, TMC

Photoshoot of women for the Brevera campaign
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Photoshoot of woman displayed on multiple screens
Woman being prepared for photoshoot
Man putting lipstick on a woman
Campaign visual with two women and text on the back of their heads. Text: Speed, control, confidence, calm, comfort, positive

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