Gold Standard Campaign

A strategic awareness campaign to generate valuable leads amongst specified target audiences. When combined with the ground-breaking data, the bold campaign generated credibility and authority for the product within the marketplace.

The global healthcare pioneer of medical technology, Hologic develops and manufactures diagnostics products, medical imaging systems, and surgical products with a focus on women’s health.

Hologic’s portfolio includes the Aptima HPV RNA-based assay, a test for HPV (Human Papillomavirus), a major cause of cervical cancer. Longitudinal evidence demonstrated the improved clinical effectiveness of Hologic’s test vs the DNA-based benchmark test. Following this, Hologic’s Diagnostics Team commissioned TMC to create a powerful campaign to drive awareness of the new longitudinal data and generate valuable leads among relevant groups of healthcare professionals (HCPs).

The Results
  • 1.1m Social media 

  • 43k Video views

  • +261 New LinkedIn 

Hologic Gold Standard A4 ad

Our Solution

As Hologic was the first company to have achieved longitudinal evidence to support an RNA-based HPV test, the campaign messaging and visual needed to be just as ground-breaking. Our solution posed a bold and somewhat controversial question which, when paired with the data, aimed at generating credibility and authority in the marketplace.

The TMC strategic marketing team created a communications plan that targeted Laboratory Managers, Clinicians and ‘C-Suite’, through paid amplification on LinkedIn. This allowed for placement of content directly in front of individuals within specific countries, seniority levels and job functions.

Social post Gold standard
Social post gold standard
Social post gold standard
Social post gold standard Hologic
Are you testing your patinets with the HPV assay
The aptima HPV assay social post
The new gold standard? Hologic
The new gold standard? Hologic
Help reduce patinet anxiety
Social post on phone

“Thanks for all the help and support from the whole TMC team. We are all so passionate and proud of what we do – we all want to exceed expectations and its these high standards that result in such great work.”

Carol Smith – Senior Manager, Marketing Communications, Hologic

By combining educational content with motivational calls to action and strong visual identity, TMC were able to deliver an effective lead generation campaign. Continuous data analysis and reporting allowed for efficient optimisation and proactive responses for those leads, with commercial objectives kept as a focal point at all times.

Gold standard stand at conference
3D visualisation gold standard

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