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GYN Surgical Solutions

Re-imagining a traditional hospital setting in an immersive environment to raise awareness of Hologic’s suite of GYN Surgical Solutions. The eye-catching, informative virtual environment includes interactive ‘hotspots’ where users can view and download further information.
Laptop looking at the GYN virtual hospital environment

Hologic empowers people to live healthier lives everywhere, every day. Their innovations focus on improving women’s health by applying ground-breaking technologies.

TMC was briefed with developing a new version of an existing GYN Surgical Solutions virtual environment and improve the look, feel and usability of the experience.

The environment should be used to target gynaecologists and hospital C-suites across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Canada. Furthermore, we were asked to design an outpatient clinic within the environment. The updated virtual environment was to be showcased at the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE) congress.

Our Solution

Aimed at raising awareness of Hologic’s suite of GYN surgical solutions among gynaecologists and hospital C-suite, it was important for the virtual environment to be an accurate representation of the clinical settings and be easy to navigate.

Following a review of the existing environment our 3D team developed renders for the rooms within the ‘virtual hospital’. The rooms were designed as accurate representations of the settings with relevant instruments, alongside patients and clinicians. Key to each room were the interactive ‘hotspots’ where the user can find more information by downloading collateral and watching videos.

The result of the project was an eye-catching, informative virtual environment that accurately represents the GYN surgical solutions and delivers a much improved, user-friendly experience.

The virtual environment was featured at the ESGE congress 2021, where a host of European medical professionals attended to discuss the latest research and innovations in the field of gynaecology.

Animated virtual hospital in an outpatient setting with one patient and two doctors
The Hologic GYN virtual lobby
Animated doctor looking at a machine used for Gynaecologic operations

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