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Engaging virtual environment.

Creating an immersive environment that provides support and encouragement to attract more young people into engineering careers.

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ICE is a professional membership body supporting 95,000 civil engineers worldwide. ICE have a remit to promote civil engineering as a profession, by using STEM education outreach programmes.

Various case studies, project information and career advice is already available for young people online.

Our brief at TMC was to create a new interactive hub for younger people to provide this information in a more engaging format. ICE came to us with the task of creating a tool that would inspire the younger generation into civil engineering careers.

The Solution

We designed and developed a platform that offers the engaging user experience needed, whilst offering accessibility and inclusivity for everyone. Our team worked alongside ICE to build a virtual environment that helped to share informative yet engaging content, inspiring a younger audience, and helping to showcase civil engineering as a career path.

A first for ICE, this 360 environment provides young people with the relevant tools and information required to pursue a future within civil engineering.

Students are inspired and encouraged to learn more about careers within civil engineering through various materials and content in an immersive environment they can explore.

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TMC Strategic Communications
TMC Strategic Communications
TMC Strategic Communications
TMC Strategic Communications

The ICE Inspire Environment Mimics the Real World

This platform provides students with different way to engage within the civil engineering career path, with opportunity to learn about and see the diversity of people within these roles. It allows students to see people like them working within the engineering career providing them with something they can relate to.

  • By meeting engineers and learning more about their careers
  • Reading case studies and discovering more about civil engineering projects in the Gallery
  • Visiting the Cinema to watch videos about civil engineering and people
  • Exploring the careers centre for age-specific information and advice

These areas have been developed in way that users can walk through and interact with items within each room, as shown below.

TMC Strategic Communications
TMC Strategic Communications
TMC Strategic Communications
TMC Strategic Communications

“I would like to say that overall it looks really impressive… and we think it’s great.”

Kathryn Denham-Maccioni – Marketing Specialist – Education & Inspiration and Professionalism, ICE

Inspiring the Next Generation

ICE Inspire provides an online interactive 360 platform, aimed at students aged 14-16 years, ambassadors, and educators. Helping to encourage and inspire students to think about careers available within civil engineering.

The concepts and approach surrounding the immersive 360 platform ensures content is engaging. By including existing related content in various formats, such as videos, interviews, and written content, and providing the means to constantly update and include new content, the environment can continually be developed.

This 360 environment also supports the hundreds of school teams taking part in the inaugural ICE David Butler Competition. Competitors will be able to use the platform to research different areas of civil engineering to help with the tasks, which include decision-making and creating a development plan for their local area.

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