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Member centric strategy.

Developing a member-centric strategy for the ISSA – leaders in global social security administration training and advice.

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With headquarters based in Geneva, Switzerland, the International Social Security Association (ISSA) is the global organisation that brings together national social security administrations and agencies.

Founded in 1927, the ISSA has more than 330-member organisations in 158 countries. The ISSA’s affiliate membership includes government departments, institutions, agencies, other entities and (non-international) federations.

Enlisting our assistance to create member centric strategy to both retain and attract new members, our approach needed to ensure that all members and prospects had an understanding and appreciation of the values of the ISSA products and services by providing awareness for members of the scope and extent of the ISSA ‘knowledge base’.

As part of the member-centric strategy the ISSA also aimed to build links to functional heads within member organisations to broaden the depth and breadth of interactions. It’s aim, to encourage at least one interaction for all members with the ISSA each year.

By creating a more member-centric model the organisation could build on their regional presences. This would allow them to be closer to their members and facilitate member to member networking and knowledge sharing.

The Results
  • Brand clarity and positioning

  • Comprehensive suite of resources

  • Increased member engagement

The Solution

Our strategic development team travelled to the ISSA offices in Geneva, Switzerland to lead and facilitate a series of interview sessions with key stakeholders.

Following this, part of the initial brief was adapted to further explore how we could improve external engagement with member organisations, as well as enhance internal communication throughout internal departments.


We segmented the project into three key focus points:

Audience Profiling

To strengthen its value proposition and create an authentic member-centric communication strategy, the ISSA needed to fully understand the individuals within their member organisations.

By profiling individuals and member organisations the ISSA has gained a deeper understanding of their target audiences; their wants, their desires and most importantly their preferred methods of communication.

The model below was created to visualise the influence the segmented audiences had on each other.

TMC Strategic Communications

Content Development

Through detailed profiling of members, the ISSA is now able to communicate more effectively across all channels. Content is personalised and tailored to member organisations as well as the individual’s needs. This move towards user-defined content strengthens the ISSA’s relationship with its members and enhances levels of engagement with all products and services.

TMC Strategic Communications
TMC Strategic Communications
TMC Strategic Communications

Creating a dynamic member platform

Our team of developers, the ISSA communications teams and their developers worked together to create an advanced, user-friendly website. It is dynamically driven by the individual’s profile data, the solution tailors content to user’s location, language preference, job role and position within a member organisation. This member-centric approach to communication is the key pillar of activity for the next triennium.

TMC Strategic Communications

“TMC helped define our target audience and the appropriate channels of communication. They also delivered clarity and consistency to the assets that are the core of the ISSA.”

Graham Minton – Director of Member Service & Promotion, ISSA

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