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Developing a creative concept and design to enhance the visual presence of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Lilly is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, consistently ranked amongst the world’s best companies to work for. Lilly makes medicines that help people everywhere live longer, healthier, and more active lives.

Recognising that there was an opportunity to enhance the visual presence of Lilly and increase participation at events within a highly competitive landscape, TMC worked as an extension of their team to develop concepts and creative for their annual satellite symposia events.

Our solution

The creative needed to carry an impact that was distinct and thought provoking. Working with the Lilly team, the concept of ‘Reflecting on Progress’ was developed to support their overarching communications strategy.

This statement provided the basis for our studio team to develop a series of concepts. With Lilly teams based in the UK and Europe, it was crucial to maintain a consistent and open stream of communication during the initial concept stage and throughout. We worked closely with key stakeholders to ensure that the concepts supported their objectives.

At regular intervals TMC presented back a series of sketches to discuss the development of the final image. These included concepts that centred around birds, representing freedom and moving forward after diagnosis.

Person drawing a Dove sketch
Lilly dove advert

TMC concluded that the final designs needed to be:

Respectful The symposia topic is real and life changing for patients. This should be respected in terms of therapy but also the KOLs involved in the treatment decisions.

Unique Historically the images created for Lilly have always been unique in concept. Therefore, the new image had to continue this legacy.

Adaptable The image would be used across many deliverables, therefore, it should be easily adaptable for application to these.

Thought provoking Enticing delegates to look further into the image and provoke discussion.

Lilly oncology event
man looking at lilly dove advert

The final outcome was a leading visual that communicated a calm and considered approach, whilst indicating hope and health, through the lighting and composition of the Dove within the image.

As audiences explore the image, it becomes clear that the true focal point of the creative is the reflection of the lungs in the water. The lungs were pinnacle to the symposium theme ‘Perspectives in Lung Cancer’, whilst the Dove symbolised the next steps and positivity that would come from the event.

The concept and final design were well received and created a significant impact with a measured increase in attendance.

lilly dove advert hero image

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