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Minimally Invasive Breast Solutions

Devise an animation to highlight how Hologic’s advanced technology supports hospitals in providing a more efficient workflow within the radiology & breast surgery departments.

Through real-time imaging and verification, Hologic delivers an improved breast biopsy experience, alongside an enhanced workflow and increased accuracy, for the treatment of cancer patients.

Dedicated to raising awareness of this more compassionate experience to patients, Hologic collaborated with TMC to develop an animation that would highlight the boost in efficiency of their minimally invasive breast surgery. Looking to align the animation with previous concepts used to market their ‘BioZorb’ technology, the TMC studio began to storyboard ‘The Advantage of Time’.

Targeted at Interventional Radiologists, Breast Surgeons, and C-Suite, the rich, animated scenes needed to showcase the efficiency benefits generated by the Brevera® Breast Biopsy System, the LOCalizer® wire-free guidance system and the Faxitron® Trident® HD system.

The project
  • 40k Keyframes

  • 100 Scene Compositions

  • 20 Character rigs

Our Solution

Upon consultation with Hologic, ‘The Advantage of Time’ was selected from the proposed project directions, as it was essential that the animation conveyed the workflow benefits delivered across the entire patient journey by using the Hologic solutions. The chosen direction offered a softer approach than the alternatives, due to the addition of patient and doctor characters adding a relatable feel to the video.

Using the narrative from Hologic’s ‘Breast Continuum of Care’, the animated scenes would illustrate the reduction from eight steps to just three in patient procedures, offering advantages to all those involved. This would be brought to life through articulating both doctor and patient perspectives and emphasising the compassion and reduction in anxiety that the procedures offer.

Fluid viewpoint movement was used to depict the efficiency and momentum of Hologic’s solutions, as scenes would gently flow through in succession. The addition of a continuous line throughout the animation provided a narrative, by travelling around characters and encircling Hologic systems. This line represented the streamlined workflow provided through the breast care technology, when compared to traditional breast cancer treatment.

Driving Better Outcomes

Within the project timeframe, TMC constructed 20 fully bespoke, character rigs to interact with the 100 or so compositions of surgery rooms, waiting rooms, operating theatres, schedule boards, Hologic technology, and other environments. Each intricate composition was built from an average of 150 layers, with the final project having a sculpture of 40,000 keyframes; all brought together under an original script voice-over.

The animation was intended for use by the Hologic sales team, so it was essential that the final output engaged with the target audience and encouraged them to visit the landing page, which would further reinforce the benefits of the technologies.

TMC are committed to delivering visually impactful communication strategies for pioneering clients such as Hologic, to motivate global audiences to take action. Actions that could benefit their communities through life-saving technology, sustainable practices which generate workflow efficiencies. Our effective solutions centre on communicating your goals, reinforcing key messages and values through immersive experiences.

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