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Siemens UK Education

Immersive learning experience.

Creating a virtual experience that provides an interactive, educational platform for students and teachers.

Siemens UK Education are dedicated to helping to enrich and enhance learning. Nurturing engineering talent for the future Siemens make science, technology, engineering, and maths come to life in the classroom.

Our brief was to create an interactive virtual experience, providing an immersive platform for delivering selected assets and content from the Siemens Education website. The creative execution needed to engage secondary school aged pupils and provide easy access a range of stimulating STEM related content to inspire learning.

The Solution

Our team worked alongside Siemens to develop an interface and virtual environment that would deliver an immersive 360° experience. Incorporating selected content from the Siemens Education website, alongside newly created content, e-learning elements, and interactive learning tools.

A key consideration of the brief was to create an innovative and futuristic look and feel and to weave in themes highlighting Siemens commitment to sustainability. Set in space itself, the outcome of collaborative creative sessions with the Siemens team was the Infinity STARship.

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Siemens Education UK 3D Environment
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STEM-related Study Resources

Featuring interactive learning, quizzes, video clips and information all linked to the curriculum, students are able to navigate their own journey throughout. Collecting ‘STAR points’ based on their interactions, this gamification element further adds to the ongoing share-ability of the experience.

With both classroom learning and independent study opportunities supported, teachers benefit from the additional STEM related study resources. The STAR points also act as a visual record of learning, of which students can download and present to teachers as evidence of learning.

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Siemens Education UK 3D Environment

Teacher’s notes to ensure all information about the virtual environment is accessible and understandable, allowing schools to make the most of the resources available.

The resource has been promoted through electronic direct mail and supporting banner advertising on TES and will feature on STEM Learning’s website.

Siemens Education UK Case Study

“It looks amazing – loving the ‘employee of the month’ and all the other details, and the quiz questions in the central hub.”

Sybil Sellwood – Marketing and Communications Events Manager, Siemens

To extend legacy and networking opportunities, screens throughout the environment promoted the events’ social channels. Pointing users directly to these dedicated Twitter and LinkedIn profiles also contributed to maximum awareness of the event for future attendees.

The 3D virtual experience provides an interactive platform that allows students to immerse themselves within STEM learning objectives. Allowing for an educational yet fun learning tool.

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