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Developing a value-based brand position for a leading Contract Research Organisation within the Scottish Life Science industry.

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Tepnel Pharma Services is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) with clients throughout the UK, EU and USA. Based in the heart of the Scottish Life Science industry Tepnel provide quality control laboratory analysis services to the pharmaceutical industry to support drug development.

Tepnel Pharma Services required a brand strategy that would deliver on their 5-year plan. It was essential that the strategy provided a brand and tone of voice document which would support their vision and also recommend channels to engage with their target audience of pharmaceutical companies.

We were also asked to develop an internal communications plan which would engage the Tepnel team with the brand strategy and provide them with the tools needed to improve their communication with clients and develop sales leads.

TMC Strategic Communications

The Solution

To identify the uniqueness of the organisation, a series of meetings and open discussions were undertaken with the senior leadership team to understand current behaviours, opinions and the vision of the business.

This was done to ultimately understand the appetite for success in developing a new direction and brand.

TMC Strategic Communications

The next stage was to engage with internal teams, bringing them along the journey and ensuring that their input and voice was intrinsically involved in the project.

We then conducted an in-depth competitor analysis and brand landscape review. This research was cross-referenced with the ideas and emotions expressed by the team.

TMC Strategic Communications

“We believe that TMC are unique in the way that they trust in our vision and our journey. Leaving behind the traditional conventions of transactional and performance-based relationships, they adopt new and exciting ways of working together with us. As a result, delivering a cross channel solution to building and supporting our 5-year strategy.”

David Scott – Senior Director, Tepnel

Working with the leadership team we then developed messaging that aligned with their strategy and vision, and positioned Tepnel as a value-based proposition within the competitive landscape.

Development of the brand, language and voice to support the new strategy was brought out from within the business, which was immediately well received. The positioning of the brand identity clearly resonated with the organisation and was quickly adopted.

TMC Strategic Communications

The new look and feel of the Tepnel brand was designed to give a powerful and distinct identity to the company. The result being a toolkit which supported improved communications with their clients.

Going back to the teams we developed effective communication support materials with them, engaging with each member and drawing out their ideas as part of the process. Once agreed we provided them with the tools to improve their connections with their clients.

TMC Strategic Communications
TMC Strategic Communications
TMC Strategic Communications

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